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Logology.co will enable thousands of early-stage founders to gain access to high-end quality logos. No random generation, no symbols from a free database. Everything is crafted from the ground-up!

October 29, 2020 Logos for design startups are here!

Hey there!

After three weeks of hard work from our designer Lucie, the logo catalog for design startups is complete!

logology logos for design startups

This means that instead of having just a handful of choices that apply loosely to design companies, we now have meaningful logo proposals for:

  • Ux designers
  • Graphic designers
  • Interior designs
  • Fashion designers

In total, that’s 43 symbols and 5 monogram designs. Just select the « design » activity when you complete the onboarding questionnaire to see them.

We first started our logo catalog with a couple logos per industry. For the past few months though, we’ve been digging into the most popular ones to offer more tailored proposals.

Here’s where we are on our logo design roadmap
✅ Marketing & sales
✅ Code & Development
✅ Education
✅ Design
🔲 Productivity
🔲 Communication
🔲 Finance
🔲 A.I
🔲 Gaming

When we get the remaining categories done, it will mean 2/3 of our users get tailored proposals. At this point we’ll start focusing more heavily on growth and marketing.

Ok back to work 💪. Next is logos for productivity startups!

October 16, 2020 Logo mockups are available (website, app, social)

A lot of people mentioned their frustration to only see their logos as is, and not on real-life mockups. They were scared to not know how to use it on their website or business card.

So we’ve spent the last month creating advanced mockups of a web launch page, app screen, business card, and social media.

logology various mockups

As always, we went way too far into details 😅. The business card shows an imaginary url of your startup (parsed from your brand name), while the social media description is generated from your brand questionnaire score.

We tried to make it super quick and fun to use (<4 seconds to generate each time) so that people can play with different fonts and colors easily until they find the perfect style.

logology website mockups

If you want to have a look, just pick a logo and hit « preview result », it will be generated on the fly.

Let me know if you have ideas to make it better!

Note: If you haven't played with Logology yet, getting started only takes ~5minutes. Just answer a few questions about the values of your startup and we'll automatically figure out which branding is best for you. You can then choose from our 500+ original designs.

October 1, 2020 Fired our first customer (nicely)!

Context: At Logology we design logos. Started as a high-end logo generator, we’ve found a way to also shake the custom logo design market. We think we can bring the same level of quality than a $2500 freelancer for a fraction of the price ($549) by automating key parts of the process.

We had a great customer who loved what we were doing, paid us $549 upfront for a custom logo and loved his proposals. But we fired him (nicely) and gave him a refund.

The reason is that we realized mid-way that he didn’t understand what he'd sign up for. He came to us for custom logo design work, and expected the same kind of service that a freelancer provides (lots of iterations and back and forth until client is happy).

The thing is that it’s not what we’re building, what we're doing is a mostly automated way to get high-end design work done, with almost no back and forth.

So it took us a few hours to figure out what to do. Should we keep working on his project, make some money and gain a happy customer (but for a different offering that we don’t think can scale at all)? Or should we cut our losses, refund him nicely and go back to making our true offering more understandable and desirable to clients?

Even though we could have easily done what he asked for, we decided to stay 100% focused on our product vision. We might disappoint him and lose a few hundred dollars, but we are saving time and energy to figure out the best way to solve this problem. Also, we keep working on what we love, and not what we left a couple of years ago (agency style work).

We're sad that we had to resort to refunding him mid-way through the project though, as we really hoped that it could work. It's just that we think our vision has the potential to bring way more happiness to people down the line, clients and designers alike. Better to take a small loss now than a big one later (having wasted time on the wrong things).

Thanks to him, we learned that we still had ways to go before our custom design offering can take off. Now, we’re back on the drawing board, but with great new insights we gathered from working with him. Next iteration here we come 🤠!

September 29, 2020 Reached 400+ original logo designs

Today we've added around 20 logos dedicated to education startups. This means we have officially reached more than 400 original designs to choose from!

Some of our new education logos:
logology new edtech logos

Our designer Lucie is building the logo catalog one category at a time, each dedicated to a different startup sector (productivity, communication, marketing, etc.).

We already have completed these categories:

  • code & development
  • marketing & sales
  • education

Some of our logos for code & development startups:
logology new edtech logos

Next ones will be dedicated to design, productivity and communication startups. We aim to reach 750 original designs by the end of the year.

We still have a long way to go, but it's with milestones like this that we notice how much progress we've made. Let's keep pushing!

September 8, 2020 Custom logos are here! 🎉🎉

Big announcement today: you can now order custom logos on Logology!

Simply fill the custom design request form by telling us more about your company and the symbol that you want. You don't have to pick a designer or to worry about the timing. We’ll handle the whole process and deliver the final result within 7 days. If you don’t like it, we will gladly refund you.

If you already found a logo that you love in our catalog, we’ve also added the option to get full exclusivity. This means that nobody else will be able to buy the same symbol, and you’ll have full rights to trademark it.

We're super excited to launch this new offer! It will help entrepreneurs get professional branding at a tenth of the price, without spending weeks on it.

As always, we're super curious about your feedback, feel free to reach out!


July 24, 2020 New pricing strategy!

Pricing is hard. We did not really change it since we launched the public beta of Logology. Mostly because we changed almost everything else 🙂

But, we need to admit, our customers don’t like our pricing. The “one size fits all” strategy wasn’t working that good.

So, here is the new pricing:

logology new pricing

You can see that we keep our $79 package, we called it the growth one. But we added 2 more options:

  • The “starter” one is a minimalist option, if you just want to launch an MVP to test the market. We provide you all our branding tips with logo files.
  • The “Custom” offer is for people that want a unique logo with full ownership. If you have a working project and want to establish your brand it’s made for you!

NB: the custom package will start in a few weeks as a private beta first. We need to setup a LOT of things to make it work smoothly, that’s why we want to control the numbers of custom package we will deliver every week!

I’d love to have your feedback on it, leave a comment and let me know how it sounds!

July 17, 2020 38% more signups with a new homepage

When you create a business the harder part is probably to explain what you really do. How you're different from the competition, why the customer should trust you, what you actually offer etc…

The first homepage of Logology was too vague, the visitors didn't clearly understand if we were creating logos on demand or if we're a logo generator. There were no examples, and people needed to spend minutes on the questionnaire before seeing the first logo. That was way too many obstacles!

We worked on a new design with examples to show what you get at the end of our branding questionnaire:

logology examples

We also added some testimonials of our first customers, to add social proof:

logology testimonials

We ran an A/B testing to validate the impact using Google Optimize. After 10 days, we're glad to see that the conversions increased by ~38%!

Google optmize results

Feel free to check our new landing page and let us know what you think!

July 7, 2020 1000 signups!

It's been 2 months since we launched the beta of Logology.

During this period, we tried to gather as much feedback as possible to learn fast and iterate on the product. And that worked! This weekend we reached the 1000 signups milestone!

We changed a LOT of things to get there:

  • The header text of the homepage was hard to understand, so we changed the pitch to be more straight to the point
  • The pricing was too high, so we cut it by 50%
  • The logo package was too restrictive, so we now give all the source files
  • The logo proposals page was also not that good, we launched a new version a few days ago
  • We added tons of new colors, tweaked the checkout page, added testimonials, etc…

Of course, we're still learning, trying to create the most thoughtful logo maker ever!

Feel free to check it out and let me know how we can improve even more → https://www.logology.co

June 8, 2020 The first 5 logos sold!

In the last few days, we sold 5 logos, 2 of them in less than 24hrs!

It's a major step for Logology. That validates our concept and the changes we made during the last month (the landing page update & the activity-based logos.

Now, we need to focus on how to improve the product and scale it to make it profitable!


May 26, 2020 Just launched activity-based logos!

Having a logo more specific to your activity is the number one feature that you asked during the public beta. So we build it!

We just launched a new version with activity-based logos. As always, every logo was created by our art director Lucie Baratte. You won't find these on other websites!

You can now find specific logos for activities like AI, robotics, productivity, cloud computing, etc…

Feel free to check it out and let me know what you think!

PS: We also fixed the signup flow, but I'll talk about later!


Logology.co will enable thousands of early-stage founders to gain access to high-end quality logos. No random generation, no symbols from a free database. Everything is crafted from the ground-up!