October 3, 2019

Finished MVP

Fabian Dominguez Garcia @therealfabian

As a non-technical founder with decent WordPress skills, I decided to build an MVP on WP instead of Bubble.

It's not ideal, especially because nothing is automated, but I think I can figure out how to automate it soon.

Right now, the Designer can submit the Logos in a form. I will then receive the image and form content to an email and from there I have to manually post the Poll on logopolls.com.

I will also share the Logos on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Right now I schedule the posts using Hootsuite, but I think I'll have to post manually so I can add the Poll feature on FB and Twitter.

The first step is to grow (especially) the Instagram account, because those "polls" are happening there right now (with comments and then manual counting).

I'm trying to do that by reposting as many logo grids from existing posts as possible, using a lot of hashtags and when I find the time, I'll also engage with related content and accounts (comments, DMs).

I just went live 2 hours ago with the first post to instagram and now I'll try to get some traffic from voters to the site, where I uploaded a few designs I found on Instagram (-> Chicken/Egg, Marketplace).

Wish me luck! 😉

– therealfabian

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