October 23, 2019

Over 100 Visitors This Week!

Fabian Dominguez Garcia @therealfabian


It's a small milestone, but since I've started many projects without ever really launching anything, it feels great to finally have generated some initial traffic to a decent MVP! 😁

So far in October, but actually since the 18th, I've had

147 visitors on logopolls.com

I only posted an intro on 2 related subreddits, which generated around 90% of the traffic, and the IH subreddit, which didn't really work. 😄

So far, the visitors have been voting quite a bit, but nobody has submitted Logos or even signed up for the newsletter.

The plan now is to start posting more polls on the website and on social media. I'll take logos off instagram until people start submitting them. I'll also start to DM Logo Designers on instagram to tell them about the service.

With some feedback from those designers and possible optimizations, I'll post to more relevant subreddits and will look for other ways to reach the audience (i.e. Slack, FB Groups, Twitter, etc.).

To start getting newsletter subscribers, I'll create some incentive like a PDF with links to resources or something like that.

I also just wrote the first blog post, but won't publish it until I have at least 3 articles ready.

Let's see how it goes! I have to say, being active on IH has really motivated me to actually get something done for once! So, thank you guys! 😄🤘🏽


I'm thinking about changing the tagline/slogan to:

"Make Logos Great Again"
"Which Logo Are You Voting For?" (or maybe "WHAT Logo Are..."?)

I'm usually pretty good with that stuff, but I'm struggling with the slogan for LP, don't even really like any of the two options, so happy to hear your ideas! 😄

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    Hey Fabian! I think you are really onto something here. People are constantly torn between logo options and your platform is a very specific place for them to get that feedback.

    Here's my advice. If I'm going to a site like yours I want to be able to immediately engage with it. I don't think you need a "Home" page. I think you need to immediately get into the polling. The landing page is just a stream of polls. Then I can get in and start voting right away. If the user has some engagement immediately, they may be more likely to remember to revisit it when they have work of their own to share.

    I know this is an MVP, but I think there is a lot of really helpful work that could be done to make this site more accessible to people in terms of UX/UI.

    Also, while I know the primary point of this site is to get poll results between concepts, I think you've also got an interesting approach for some competitions as well. If you had competitions and awards, that might skyrocket engagement as well.

    I sell a product specifically for logo designers and I have a ton of affiliates in the logo design space. Perhaps I could connect you with them.

    Jonathan Rudolph from LogoInspirations for example.

    Let's chat :)