October 18, 2019

Re-Launched the MVP (on Reddit too, kind of...)

Fabian Dominguez Garcia @therealfabian

Hey Hacker!

So, after launching the MVP v1.0 of LOGOPOLLS.com 2 weeks ago, I also started a blog on medium, about YOU!

-> https://www.indiehackers.com/product/indietools

-> https://medium.com/indietools

Around 2 days after launching, I noticed that neither the submission-form, nor the polling plugin were working anymore and got a little frustrated (f**king WordPress plugins 🙄).

Because the MVP wasn't ideal to begin with (nothing is automated), and because I had just started the blog, I kinda ignored LOGOPOLLS for a few days and put a Coming Soon page up.

Now, I just relaunched the LOGOPOLLS MVP v2.0 (😜) with two new plugins and even wrote a little intro post on two* related Subreddits:


*as I just noticed, the second one was flagged and deleted because I have a new account 😅

I would appreciate an Upvote! 😄 (Reddit is so mean compared to IH)

Hoping to use this MVP for a proof of concept and then i can hopefully find a developer who can build an actual, working tool that's scaleable.. As far as I - as a non-techie - can tell, it should be pretty easy and fast to build.. 😅

Let me know what you think!

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