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December 4, 2021 New Update!

Builder & Themes Page update

  • Add Builder Settings with the "Show code editor" option
    (Settings are available at https://www.loopple.com/profile/settings.)

  • Add general details of the theme: Theme framework, number of components and number of projects made with the theme

November 28, 2021 New Theme on Loopple

Asteria Dashboard is now live on Loopple:

  • Built on Bootstrap 5
  • 56 components included
  • 3 plugins included (chartjs, apexcharts & swiperjs)

Samples built with Asteria coming soon!

Check Asteria Dashboard here: https://www.loopple.com/theme/asteria-dashboard

November 10, 2021 New Update

Fire Loopple has a new update:

October 25, 2021 Loopple is on Product Hunt 🔥

After 9 months of work, Loopple is finally live on Product Hunt. It is currently on #1 position and I hope that it will finish this way.

Any feedback is very important for us.

You can support on this link: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/loopple

October 21, 2021 v1.0.0 - Loopple Stable Version

After 7 months of the Beta Launch, Loopple finally has a stable version. We added a lot of improvements in the last months, such as:

  • Add 3 themes
  • Multi-pages option
  • Code editor
  • Design changes
  • Keyboard commands
  • Action for tables (add rows & cols)
  • Add samples
September 13, 2021 v0.1.4-Beta

The new update, v0.1.4-Beta. This update comes with the following:

  • Fix Google Auth issues
  • General style changes
  • General design & bugs issues fixes

We also added configuration for kits and design systems for the new themes that will be available soon. 🚀

August 31, 2021 v0.1.3-Beta

Just made a new update for Loopple, v0.1.3-Beta. This update comes with the new pricing page and also contains the following changes:

  • Add Google Auth
  • Add Pricing Plan
  • Add revert code option to on-page Code Editor
  • General style changes
  • General design & bugs issues fixes
August 23, 2021 v0.1.2 - Beta

Loopple v0.1.2 Beta is now live! This update comes with an on-page Code Editor that helps you to easily edit the components. This update also comes with General style changes and
General design & bugs issues fix.

You can try the new editor on https://www.loopple.com

August 13, 2021 First paying customer!

Just got our first paying customer (monthly subscription). Feels great, it is the validation that Loopple is needed on the market. 🥳
Next steps:

  • Add more features (in-page code editor, resizable columns and many more);
  • More products and designs;
  • Getting ready for multiple frameworks support;
  • +++ Many more
August 9, 2021 v0.1.1 - Beta

Just made a new release, v0.1.1 Beta! This update comes with PRO sections for the Argon Dashboard and Soft UI Dashboard themes. The monthly plan is currently set to $9.99. This update also includes:

  • Change components structure in sidebar
  • General style changes
  • General design & bugs issues fixes


Loopple helps developers cut their development time