November 20, 2019

Come up with the idea

Artiya @artiya4u

I got the idea from a meeting with my boss in StockRadars (Investment tech startup in Thailand). He said we need an innovative solution to sell it for brokerage companies. The list of ideas goes on and on. One idea that slips out of my mouth is I want a small investment like Acorns for each spending is to invest and how about “Shopback for investment”, "Acorns with no credit card"

Everyone was like: this is superb, no regulation, no KYC, no anti-money laundering compliant. We basically invest our money from the referral program and promise it back to the user. Not get any funds from the users. Therefore No brokerage license needed. This could be a real deal to get more people to invest like we always wanted.

I sleep on this idea for a week then I decide to pursue this idea for myself. I think it would be best for me to focus on this idea without worry about other projects that we currently handle. At the same time, my boss put it to the board and they allow the company to pursue the idea too but as a lead generator to the current trade platform. I just want to focus to solve a small problem that I have and see how it would go farther. I decided to quit the company I build with love and now It would be the first competitor too. To start a company of single-digit employees but it’s a risk I’m happy to take.