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Helping fellow founders improve their user-onboarding flow and overall product UX!

September 2021 Launched on IH and made my first $49 sale!

IH community, we freaking made it!

First official sale of took place yesterday after launching it officially on IndieHackers!

I am now preparing my customer's onboarding video UX review and feel really grateful and excited about it.

Thanks everybody for the support so far! ❤️

Here is also the announcement post:

First sale screenshot

August 12, 2021 Soft-launched on my socials and personal network

Today is the day! I soft-launched on my Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and I also messaged tech founders from my personal network to spread the word and to also ask for critical feedback.

Here is the announcement tweet:

Now it's the time for the real game to begin!

I am all set to start start implementing my marketing and sales strategy and to focus on generating sales in the next months.

Let's hope for the best, I am super excited about this 🙏

July 13, 2021 Deployed a coming soon page!

Just deployed the coming soon page for!

Took ~ 2 hours in total, built it using
and deployed it to

Now going back to my designs in Framer to finalize the first version of the landing page, to launch next week 😀

Coming soon page screenshot

July 1, 2021 I picked a domain - Here is the story behind it

I decided to call it:

"Love at first try -"

Here is the story behind its name 👇

In general I try to pick a name by not spending more than a day of thinking.

Usually the best ideas are the ones that come to me in the first few hours.

That's what happened with my SaaS as well.

I wanted something catchy that represents my view on design.

Great UX for me is about love. Love for the users.

It shows that the team behind the products love what they do and the people who serve.

Onboarding is all about making your users get to the "aha" moment, realize the value of your product and fall in love with it.

As you may already know there is a popular phrase "love at first sight" and that's what clicked to me!

"love at first try" - that's what onboarding is all about!

It felt right, I asked 3 friends (designers and indiehackers) and all of them liked it so I went for it.

So here I am, now that I picked the name my next step is to publish a first version of the landing page as soon as possible 🙂

July 1, 2021 I quit my freelance clients to fully focus on it!

This week I dropped my hourly-based freelance projects and my MRR went from 4550€ to 250€.


Cause I need time to focus on something new!

I'll launch a UX productized-service focused on user-onboarding to help fellow founders grow their products!

The last months I worked as a freelance contractor charging 4300€ per month for 12hours per week.

At first it felt like a great opportunity, but later on I realized I am again an employee to a company.

Even if it was 3 days for 4 hours it was taking too much mental energy.

In the end I wasn't happy.

I had money and 20 hours to focus on building my SaaS, but the process wasn't fun.

My dream is to do indiehacking.

To build products, grow them, make them beautiful and find people to use them.

I don't want to just sell my hours.

The last few months I 've been flirting with the idea of productized freelancing with UX video reviews and 1-1 coaching.

I actually gave it a try to test the demand.

I sold 1 video and landed 3 UX coaching clients on Twitter and LinkedIn!

Here is the relevant Twitter thread:

In other words, I validated my idea and I saw there is a market for it.

So what's next?

My plan is to focus on it for the next 4 months, launch it, grow it, and replace my salary with it.

My vision with this UX service is to help more @IndieHackers build products that are easy-to-use.

And user on-boarding is the first and most crucial part of their users journey.

That's why I decided to focus on it!

That's all for now, new updates coming soon!

Can't wait to meet new amazing people and see how this product idea will evolve 🤩

June 1, 2021 I got my first testimonial and it's awesome!

Guarav, the guy that replied to my tweet and paid me 150$ decided to also publish a post on LinkedIn about his experience.

I never asked for this but it happened and it's awesome!

Getting this kind of public positive feedback is exactly what I need to find faith and keep growing this product idea.

You can read the full post here

May 1, 2021 I sold my first onboarding review with a tweet!

I had this idea of selling UX video reviews and I spent some time thinking what's the best way to validate it.

I didn't want to spend time creating a landing page, buying a domain and investing a lot of time into it.

I wanted to just give it a quick try and see how people react and how it feels in general.

So I tweeted about it and holly cow, one person paid for it 150$!

Literally this is insane for me, I've never sold anything like that before and it's a great validation that there is a market for me out there so I ll probably allocate time in the future to grow this and stop doing hourly-based freelance work.

Check out the full thread on Twitter!


Helping fellow founders improve their user-onboarding flow and overall product UX!