March 29, 2020

Came up with the idea

Deepan Subramani @deepan

Two months into consulting engagement, having some free time and thinking about working on something small.

Had started actively using Twitter during the startup days and some of the tweets from other founders resonated what we were going thorough and translated into reinforcement learnings.

Hit by a random thought, what if there was a way to see those tweets often every day ? How about a chrome extension that can show the tweets i liked every time I open a new browser tab ?

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    Interesting idea!

    I used to reread the tweets I liked from times to times.

    I just installed it and.. it works perfectly well! 👏👏

    1. 1

      You made my day 👊thanks a lot for trying out 🙏Keep using the app and let me know if you would want any specific feature to be added.