August 28, 2019

Made Our First Sales!

Louie Sakoda @trulou1028

In the month of July, we got 211 clicks, 12 ordered items, and $53.99 in affiliate revenue. Before we reached that very first sale, I wasn't entirely sure the whole system was even set up properly, so you can imagine the relief and excitement when you watch something you build start working! We are continuing to add 5 - 10 new products per day. Since we are focusing on the best possible UX, we're editing images for every product we import, and it can be around 4 to 6 minutes per product (depending on how well-structured the product descriptions already are from Amazon). We made a big overhaul to the main drop-down menus to the 'megamenu' style with some more engaging visual elements. We also got 2 subscribers to our mailing list, which is exciting but scary since we've haven't optimized that flow yet. Here's to a positive August!

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