February 24, 2020

First paying customer! Not who we expected

Steven Hylands @shylands

5 weeks after launching Lowdown out of beta we finally managed to bring on board a paying customer!

It feels great to know someone saw enough value to pay even at this early stage. The interesting thing is that this customer isn't from our target audience of Slack communities. Instead, they are a tech team using Slack. We've thought for a while that tech teams might ultimately end up being our main users — reinforced by our Product Hunt newsletter feature where 2/3's of 100+ sign-ups were tech teams.

It's hard to be sure if this is skewed by the type of audience on Product Hunt, but the fact that so many signed up from a landing page that was very specific to a Slack community use case makes me feel like it's a direction worth pursuing. We need to talk to as many as possible to better understand their use case. Any tips on how to learn if we should focus on this customer type let me know!

Thanks everyone for your support so far 😊

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