November 27, 2020

Relaunch success! First sale 💸

Steven Hylands @shylands

It's been four months since we shut down the first version of Lowdown and two months since we launched Lowdown 2.0 into beta.

Closing the first version acted as a great way to drive people towards our early access list. As a result, we had ~50 accounts created in our beta and learnt a lot.

Last week we quietly launched our full product ( Within a couple of hours, a new user had signed up and paid for it! That's despite the fact there's a 30-day free trial. It felt great to know someone instantly saw the value the new Lowdown offers, but the real test will be what happens when our beta users get to the end of their trials :)

Looking forward to getting it out there now!

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    Hey @shylands this is an awesome tool for Slack community owners. I have seen this first hand when I get emails from NCF.

    What was the reason for shutting down the first time?

    Also, it certainly feels great to have customers paying even before the trail period. It makes me believe we are doing something right and that people belive in it.

    My very first supporter for We Care Social paid rightaway! And another supporter just sent an email "Send me your Venmo account" haha.

    1. 1

      Thanks Nakkeeran! Great to hear you encountered something similar :)

      We shut the first version because, in the end, we felt like it wasn't getting enough traction. Ultimately it probably wasn't solving a painful enough problem.

      Also, cool that you've already been receiving Lowdown's in NCF. Ever any feedback let me now!

      1. 1

        The first money always feel great and then the next second we know we still got a mountain to climb haha.

        Sure, I'm back active on NCF slack so will keep my eyes open for the email too.

        Any chance you could replicate this for Reddit too? I notice there are more sub reddits than active Slack communities these days.

        1. 1

          Cheers! I think already has that one well covered. Worth checking out for sure

          1. 1

            Ah yes I remember coming across Mailbrew many months back. Thanks for the link.

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