November 3, 2019

45 Beta signups! What should I ask them?

Dave @Dave_fyi

I reached 45 beta signups for never expected it to be this high!

Yesterday I opened up the beta version of Luego for the beta users and they are starting to test it out. So far only one small bug report 😇

If you have any experience with people testing your app; what are some good questions you asked after they tested your product?

About Luego
Luego is an app that helps you set up a flow that will automatically collect positive testimonials for your product.

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    I love the landing page ! Could you explain how those beta signups found you ?

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      Thanks! I think most of them came from me sharing the building process of Luego on Twitter :)

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    Hey Dave,

    Since your app has a clear goal, a good first questions could be to ask if it actually solved their problem. And if it didn't, what functionality would be needed to do so.

    I just signed up! Sounds interesting.

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      Thanks, that's a good one :) Will give you access asap!

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