December 4, 2020

Approved by Google!

Jonathan Cai @jonathancai

Happy to say Google finally verified my app!

So anyone can safely access the live demo without seeing a sketchy consent screen.

My app ( is a simplified Google Analytics dashboard.

It aggregates all your GA-tracked websites into a single dashboard so you can see the most important metrics at a glance and quickly.

(10x faster than going to and tabbing through your properties imo)

You can use it for free and without an account!!

(no data is being stored anywhere, I don't even have a db/backend setup yet haha!)

For a quick preview of what it looks like:

I'd really appreciate feedback/thoughts!

  1. 3

    Hi Jonathan,

    Really appreciate your effort on the app and your thought to simplify the complexity of GA. Kudos to you

    Doesn't the landing page and the product demo look similar to Plausible analytics? Don't know if this was intentional.

    I really like the concept of simplifying the GA. I too have been lost in the GA world, getting into the right metrics. Will surely give it a shot.


    1. 2

      hey I think since the author talks about Tailwind it's likely they're using Tailwind UI components which are shown here:

    2. 1

      Yeah, I certainly took a lot of inspiration from Plausible Analytics, their interface is amazing!

      Like @Glench mentioned, I just began using tailwind ui (free components) and tailwind css, so atleast the marketing stuff will look a lot like many many other saas companies that are also using tailwind ui free stuff. Obviously not great being generic, but I thought it fit the aesthetic I was going for

      1. 1

        Ohh nice man. tailwindui looks cool.


  2. 2

    Congrats @jonathancai on the approval.

    It's interesting you say no data isn't being stored since you don't have a db/backend. You could re-phrase it and use it on your website. People love transparency and this is one of things that made me think "ah that's very nice of Jonathan to be transparent and not to collect data" . People really appreciate it.

    1. 1


      And yep! It's written in the live demo page.

      Definitely wanted to be transparent :)

      1. 1

        Ah I see. My bad I missed it. I feel when we are transparent with users, they feel they respected and have the power. In most cases when we openly ask for the details they are more than happy to provide it too.

  3. 2

    Hey Jonathan,

    This is great! I really like the clean design :)

    This hits home as recently I've been spending time at the day job putting together customized dashboards using Google Data Studio. Have you checked it out before? How does Magic differ? With GDS I'm able to pull data from any source and aggregate it alongside GA which is a big pro for us.


    1. 1

      Yeah, so before building this, I actually used GDS to do this exact thing! I embedded my GDS dashboard on my own personal website lol!

      But personally, I found GDS a bit complicated and tricky to set up for 5 data sources/charts.

      Right now, Magic just differs in one-click setup. Simple and out-of-box.

      But of course, I can understand us hacker types might also prefer more customizable data-viz solutions like GDS :)

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    this seems like a really cool idea! Hope it goes well

    1. 1

      Thanks! Just not sure if people actually need something like this haha

      1. 2

        Seems plausible and I'm sure you'll find out when you get it in front of people! Did you make it to scratch your own itch? Also I wouldn't be shy about charging $!

        1. 1

          100% to scratch my own itch. Had so many dumb little projects to track through GA and it was annoying haha.

          To be honest I don’t believe this is anything valuable enough to charge $ for... especially since the main reason (I think) people would prefer ga is that it’s free.

          I’m considering just stopping here, replacing the landing page with the live demo itself, and saying it’s just a “free product”.

          I’d say features like email reporting should definitely be paid though.

          1. 2

            hey @jonathancai, just read this article and was thinking of you: It talks about how technical people often undervalue their product because it seems easy to make, and even gives an example of someone trying to compete against google by making their product free.

            I think it might be helpful to change your notion of what "valuable" is here. It may not seem valuable to you, but to someone busy at a company or startup, their time is extremely valuable. So being able to see their entire web traffic in an easy format could provide a heck of a lot of value.

            1. 1

              Ahhh good ol' "Charge more!" patio11

              Definitely can be difficult for more technical people to understand business value.

              Thanks @Glench for thinking of me and sharing!

  5. 2

    I like the direction you're going. Personally I really dislike the complexity of Google Analytics and also of the current Google Ads. Would love to connect :)

    1. 1

      Thanks! I’ve never used google ads but I can imagine the same bloated complexity might be there too haha :)

  6. 1

    Hey, I using YouTube data API in my app and each time I record a video, google is asking me to submit again huh! Can you guide me on how to create the video please. TIA

    1. 1

      If they are rejecting your submission, they will leave the reasoning why, e.g. you didn't show the client id, or you didn't display the url/domain in the video.

      Did they respond with such reasoning for you?

  7. 1

    Hi Jonathan. I remember when I got that approval from Google regarding my app and man, that feeling was glorious. Congrats on getting things approved and hoping that whatever limit they gave you gets filled up quickly and you're having to go back and ask for more.

    1. 2


      I've gotten approved twice, and the first time took longer than a month! Happy this one took just a few days, its definitely a good feeling :)

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