October 10, 2019

We launched Mailist 2!

Marcin Michalak @marcinem

Last couple of weeks we have been very busy.

We've been working hard on implementing Mailist 2. After a year and a half of slow development, we've finally reached a point when we are proud to release a new version.

Check our Explainer Video:

πŸ‘‰ First of all, free Mailist is now improved. New interface and better speed. And yes, its basic functionality (weekly reminder) stays free, forever.

Now, the best part – let us introduce the Mailist Pro. πŸš€

With one time payment (no subscriptions!), you can unlock access to the features like πŸ‘‡:

πŸ“ Bulk link editing/removing
🏷 Categorizing with Tags
πŸ” Global search
πŸ›‘ Dead / inactive link detection
βœ‰οΈ Newsletter only with links containing Tags.

πŸ”œ And we also planned a lot of features coming really soon.

Sounds good?