October 6, 2019

Wordpress Integration

Siddharth Kaushik @siddharth_kaushik

Now Integrate Mailupnext with your Wordpress website.
We've released a cool new feature to Integrate Mailupnext with your Wordpress website.

Mailupnext plugin is a Wordpress plugin that allows you to synchronize your Wordpress contacts with your mail list in Mailupnext.

Suppose you want to send periodical email campaigns to your Wordpress contacts. Then you will need to set up your mail list in an email marketing application like Mailupnext and then import your contacts from Wordpress to the mail list. However, as your Wordpress contacts are getting updated regularly, you need a way to propagate the updates, i.e. new or updated contact information, to the mail list. Then Mailupnext Wordpress Plugin comes to help.

Check it out here

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