December 17, 2019

Featured on Betalist

Jaryl Sim @jaryl

Back from an annual 2-week state sponsored holiday (if you're from Singapore you'll know why!), and was pretty much caught off-guard to be featured on Betalist:

While I'm happy to be featured, I haven't had the time to make all the improvements from the feedback I got, so don't take it to heart if it looks like I've blatantly ignored your advice 😆:

Also, I won't be able to track signups seeing as I wasn't able to launch my trial offering (have yet to get back in the swing of things). However, I can track my implementation of non-intrusive browser notification subscriptions which I suspect may not convert as well as conventional email newsletter subscriptions, but that's what this is for!

I'm using Ackee for analytics, so I will only have a few numbers to track, but all the same I'll post an update with numbers a week's in.

To anyone that may be submitting to Betalist in future, you may want to take note that the first image you give them becomes the preview image when sharing. I just gave them what I had at the time, which was a full-page screenshot of my home page, and yeah that didn't turn out so well.

Imma go try fix that.

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