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This is my first digital info product. I'll update this page as I progress. The revenue displayed isn't recurring since the product is a one-time sale.

November 26, 2020 First preorder 🎉

I received my first preorder with barely any marketing. I haven't even shared it with my email list yet.

It motivates me to finish up the course and improve it until its final release next week.

Let's hope that this is a good sign and that people are genuinely interested in the topic.

November 23, 2020 Accepting preorders

Over the weekend, I've finished all the recording, and most of the editing of the course.

It was way more work than I expected. I planned for one day, maybe two, but in the end it took me four days to (nearly) finish a course with about 30 minutes of video.

I'm happy with the result and I think that people will get their value back when purchasing it.

If this was available when I learned this stuff, it would have saved me many hours of research.

Now the next step is to get some customers, which I fear will be the hardest part about this whole project.

Here's the link to the landing page on gumroad:

November 20, 2020 Bulding a digital info product in a day

Today I want to try something that until now I've only heard and read from others. I listen a lot to the Indiehackers podcast, and I read a lot of articles on the topic as well, but I never acted on the advice I'd hear and read all around the internet.

To break the cycle of inactivity, I need to start something. That's why I decided to build a digital info product in one day.

By the end of the day, I want to have enough video tutorials recorded to give programmers the knowledge on how to transform their React apps into a Progressive Web App.

I'm by no means an expert on the topic: I only have three years of software development experience myself, but I've done this in my job as a software developer and in my free time, so I have knowledge that I can pass on.

I'm aware that the chosen timeframe is extremely short and that I have no experience in video recording. In addition to that, I don't have a significant audience that I could sell to, so I know that the odds are against me.

Nevertheless, I want to take this as a challenge and produce something of value in one day, and with a bit of luck, one or two people will buy this.

It's 8:33 AM where I live, so I still have the whole day ahead of me. I'll add updates to this page as I progress.

EDIT 9:29 AM:

I finished the basic outline for the course and started creating the slides I want to use in the videos.

EDIT 12:34 PM:

I needed to go outside to buy a microphone. Now I got back to working more on the slides.

EDIT 4:18 PM:

I had a really bad headache around lunchtime, which is why I couldn't do any work on the project. I'm feeling better now and will continue working on the slides. I've also started working a bit on the Gumroad description for the product.

EDIT 7:29 PM:

I started recording the first part of the course. It's a lot harder than I thought, but I'm optimistic.

EDIT 8:49 PM:

I had issues configuring the sound in OBS, it took me 1 hour, but now I think the sound is good enough.

EDIT 9:21 PM:

I finished the recording of the first part (out of three), and I have to say that it's much harder than I imagined. Not being a native speaker definitely makes it harder, but I think that it wouldn't be much easier doing it in my mother-tongue either.

I will have dinner and maybe record a bit more later on. Hopefully, I'm able to complete the course in two days at least.

EDIT 11:59 PM:

I managed to record and cut most of the first part of the course. Tomorrow I will try to finish the rest. Even though I didn't reach my goal, I'm glad I tried it anyway 😄

This is my first digital info product. I'll update this page as I progress. The revenue displayed isn't recurring since the product is a one-time sale.