September 23, 2019

85K visitors & 2000 email subscribers in 2 months!

Anne-Laure Le Cunff @anthilemoon

I sent the very first Maker Mind newsletter on July 22nd. Since then, the list has grown to 2000 subscribers, with a 53% open rate and a 14.5% click rate. 85K people have visited the website. What makes me even happier is the number of people that reply to the weekly emails with questions, suggestions, or just to share their own story. The connections I've made with readers through the Maker Mind newsletter feel much deeper than the ones on other platforms such as Twitter.

Here is how I grew Maker Mind to 85K visitors and 2K email subscribers:

  • Finding your unique angle. There are so many newsletters people can subscribe to. It's hard to differentiate yourself. For example, there are lots of newsletters about mindfulness, lots of newsletters about productivity, and lots of newsletters about entrepreneurship. Newsletters that approach entrepreneurship and productivity from a neuroscience standpoint? Not so many. Finding your unique angle and writing great content is the first step in building a newsletter.
  • Writing consistently. I've posted one new article on the Maker Mind blog every week day since I sent the first newsletter out. Subscribers know to expect 5 new articles each week. Having made this commitment public also helps me stay consistent.
  • Posting where your audience lives. Every time I write a new article, I post it on Twitter and Hacker News. In two months, 4 of my articles have made it to the home page of HN, driving lots of traffic to the blog. My latest article was retweeted 400 times. Not all articles will do well, but I'm making sure there's a way for people to discover these.
  • Asking for feedback. I always make it clear that I welcome replies to my newsletter. And I get quite a few. Some are just "thank you for writing these", and others are suggestions and feedback to make it better. I also ask people to let me know what they'd like me to write about. The articles I wrote after following suggestions from my audience tend to do better than the random ones.

I hope these are helpful! And if you're not subscribed yet, please do check it out and let me know what you think! 💌

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