January 18, 2020

Got my first Pro subscribers! 🎉

Jake Prins @jakeprins

Last week I launched MakerMove, a platform to discover useful resources like tools, books, podcasts, etc. for makers and startup founders. Link: https://www.makermove.com/

The response was great, people really seemed to love it! It reached second place on PH and got some nice traffic.

I was really curious to see if people would sign up to become a Pro, which costs 29 dollars a year and gives you access to extra resources, like contact information of journalists and more lists of investors.

Before adding more features, I went and launched this MVP version to validate the idea. And yes, within a couple of day's 3 people became Pro members! This is great, because now I know I built something people are willing to pay for. I can now focus on improving the product and create more value.

Also, because of the great response, I can focus on adding some affiliate links. Or adding a feature to promote your products.

If anyone got some ideas on improving MakerMove, please let me know! I'm thinking about adding features like bookmarking, commenting, upvoting & submitting new resources by the community. What do you think?