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After collecting lots of resources myself, and creat

January 19, 2020 Got my first Pro subscribers! 🎉

Last week I launched MakerMove, a platform to discover useful resources like tools, books, podcasts, etc. for makers and startup founders. Link:

The response was great, people really seemed to love it! It reached second place on PH and got some nice traffic.

I was really curious to see if people would sign up to become a Pro, which costs 29 dollars a year and gives you access to extra resources, like contact information of journalists and more lists of investors.

Before adding more features, I went and launched this MVP version to validate the idea. And yes, within a couple of day's 3 people became Pro members! This is great, because now I know I built something people are willing to pay for. I can now focus on improving the product and create more value.

Also, because of the great response, I can focus on adding some affiliate links. Or adding a feature to promote your products.

If anyone got some ideas on improving MakerMove, please let me know! I'm thinking about adding features like bookmarking, commenting, upvoting & submitting new resources by the community. What do you think?

January 12, 2020 MakerMove is featured on ProductHunt today!

Today, MakerMove is launched and featured on ProductHunt!

MakerMove is a platform to discover useful resources like tools, books, podcasts, etc. for indie hackers. It includes curated lists of:

  • Books that help you grow
  • Directories to submit your project
  • Investors that might help you fund your startup
  • Journalists that can get you press coverage
  • News about startups & tech
  • Podcasts about startups & entrepreneurship
  • Strategies about how to grow your business
  • Tools to use for building/growing your startup

If you got any feedback please let me know!

December 15, 2019 Finished the MVP

It took me some weekends but now I'm ready with my MVP version of MakerMove. I usually tent to just keep working on my side projects because I always find things to improve, but this time I'm happy with the version of the product right now. I'm going to improve it a lot when people will like it, but first I'm going to prepare for the first launch of the MVP version of MakerMove!

After collecting lots of resources myself, and creat