November 1, 2019

🕵🏻‍♂️ Finish MVP

Fajar Siddiq @fajarsiddiq

🥰For the first time i use Figma software and fall in love with it.
I started to build my first UI/UX on it. Before this i use photoshop for 15 years.

✍️ I make the design then i code it in html/css (Bootstrap) and host it on netlify. I also edited a number of "launch videos" for makers in the community for their product launch.

📹 The 30 sec videos became a product at FaaS Fajar Siddiq as Service, but then i wanted to do this on Makersflix for advertising. I also created a blog review about other companies SWAG, share it on twitter.

🎭 I use Twitter Moments to compile everything quickly. I also travelled and interview other digital nomads and makers.

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