October 10, 2019

Built V1 of Makerwing!

Daniel Palmer @danp

A month ago, in a bid to win over some more freelance work, I was grinding my teeth trying to update my design/dev portfolio. A lot of the existing imagery of side projects on my portfolio was outdated, seeing I regularly update landing pages/UI.

The entire process was taking so much time that I imagined an app where all I had to do was enter the URL of my side project, and it would generate a basic portfolio page for me! This chain of curiousity led me down a path of building https://www.makerwing.com.

Makerwing allows indiehackers and product builders to super easily spin up portfolios, showcasing their projects. Just enter URLs! Not sure if anyone else will find this useful, but at the very least I now have an updated portfolio :)

  1. 1

    I've just finished building https://builtwithawesome.com to showcase my projects. Going to check out makerwing now.

    1. 1

      Sounds good mate! Let me know your thoughts :)

  2. 1

    Hey @danp Just signed up and had a play around! It's awesome! I added some projects in there and I really like it! Congrats!

    1. 2

      Amazing! Thanks mate :D Let me know if you have any thoughts, or if something breaks.

      1. 1

        No problem atall 👏🏻 Awesome product. I could see this being very useful for some people ! I will do, I'll continue to surf around and try to break it :)

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