October 13, 2019

Burnt out Product Hunt launch

Daniel Palmer @danp

So today, having recently finished building Makerwing and feeling quite burnt out - I decided to launch on Product Hunt.

I don't know why; it was a somewhat compulsive decision (after months of pumping out product) and I think it was my brain telling me "I want a clear sign that you should (or shouldn't) keep focusing on this idea".

Rather than plan out meticulously a well orchestrated Product Hunt launch, I wanted to just throw the product out in the wild and see if anybody resonated with it.


As of posting, I'm sitting at #5 for the day, though the day is young. This is cool, and already a better start than I could've hoped for :) If any of y'all want to support the launch, that'd be greatly appreciated!

It's ~1AM Australian time, so I will have to hit the sack soon. I wonder what I'll wake up to!

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    I like it, simple focused. Good.

    What would you call projects like makerwing? Is it a saas or a developer tool. I'm trying to understand services like makerwing, with the goal of improving conversion for those services.

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    Awesome stuff @danp - Congrats. Well deserved

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    Looks beautifully made. Congrats on your launch, you have my upvote!

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    Update! Just over 30 mins left and I'm still sitting in the top 5 :D Any last minute support from indiehackers would be amazing.

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    Hey from Brisbane.
    Nice product, upvoted on PH. Will use it one day.

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      Thanks mate! Appreciate that :) I love Brissie. With my previous startup, we were in an accelerator in Brisbane (Collider) for three months.