October 31, 2019

Building MVP

Urey O. Mutuale @ureymt

After collecting more than ± 30 email addresses and 15 email addresses from friends and acquittances, I decided I needed to act fast and have a MVP to do one last validation.

I had planned out all the different pages to have: home, about, contact, account profile, order history, and payment pages.
I started building the different pages.

2 Weeks into building the MVP, I woke up and decided that was crazy, I was actually building the full software instead of building an MVP.

Decided I needed to simplify my idea of an MVP.
The new MVP was:

  • Landing page
  • Menu page to display weekly menu
  • Add Live Chat to take orders and answer different questions.
    And this could be done in a short time as I was already pass my deadline of 31 September 2019

The MVP took me 3 days to build.
Contacted 2 Women I previously talked to, to give me 5 menu items each so that I can put on the website for the weekly menu.

On Sunday 6th October 2019, everything was ready, the website was up, the menu uploaded and now I just needed to send emails to Mailchimp subscribers