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To help social media agencies & managers save time and cut down their scheduling costs.

August 30, 2021 ๐Ÿ’ฅ Pallyy: Huge August Update!

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since my last update here mainly due to the fact I've been working on so many things. Going forward I'll be adding one change log entry per month with a roundup of everything I've been working on. This should make it easier to follow! ๐Ÿ˜€

So, let's see what's new this month & what to expect next!

๐Ÿ†• New features

  • Cheaper pricing for bulk users! We've changed our pricing to use a tiered approach, that gets cheaper the more social groups you need. You can check out how it works on our pricing page (we added a calculator)
  • New website pages showcasing each scheduling feature per platform; Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google My Business
  • New website page for our free trial, explaining it in more detail
  • Added a video to the homepage, showing a walkthrough of Pallyy.
  • Added a Saved layouts feature. You can save your captions, location, a default date and first comment which you can then auto-insert into your posts. Looks for the "Saved Layouts" button in the header of the scheduling popup.
  • Added a post to LinkedIn with no image feature (thanks bob!). You can also add a URL in the caption to use the preview thumbnails
  • Added comparison pages to the website so potential users can easily compare between services. Comparisons added so far; Later alternative, Buffer alternative, Hootsuite alternative, Planoly alternative, Loomly alternative, Sprout Social alternative, Sendible alternative.
  • Added Capterra & Producthunt badges to our homepage for extra social proof. Want to leave us a capterra review?
  • Added a new bio link grid style feature! It means you can create a grid that looks just like your Instagram, but each image you add a link to so your audience can goto something related to that post. You can add the URL when scheduling posts by clicking the "Add Bio Link URL" button

โ˜ Improvements

  • Changed the schedumeter tooltip style, and changed the wording if you have more than 7 posts planned in 7 days
  • Added a warning when you're drafting a post incase the image aspect ratio is wrong. Must be re-sized to post otherwise it can be rejected by IG etc
  • Send comments in the reply section by hitting enter
  • Dragging the image from sidebar to calendar is smoother with improved opacity
  • Improved emoji popup when scheduling posts or replying to comments, with a search feature too.
  • Improved design of "+ Add location" popups. They now open on hover. Also changed the design to look nicer and take up less space.
  • Sometimes if an incorrect user was tagged, the post would fail. Now it will retry without tags if that's the case - as it's better to still post it rather than not posting at all.
  • Smoother drag animation on the week view
  • Blog design improved, was a long time coming - added a featured article to the top
  • links with images look nicer, with the image sitting on the left instead of next to the text
  • Instagram preview grid, only shows images that are scheduled for Instagram now
  • Added social icons to the list view so you can see where each post is going

๐Ÿ› Bug Fixes

  • Caption text areas weren't auto-expanding every time, fixed with a new auto-expanding JS plugin.
  • When the first day of the month was a Sunday it was throwing the dates off, all fixed!
  • For some browsers the IG preview grid wasn't in order because of different browsers sorting functions, fixed with a cross browser solution.
  • When resetting password with a capital letter it wasn't working. Fixed.
  • Sometimes when a new user signed up, it didn't auto-select their profiles. This is fixed now and will automatically select any profile after you add it.
  • Couldn't remove images from your biolink buttons, it's been fixed.
  • Some bio link images were expiring, fixed by using the current media URL from instagram
  • Dropping images on sidebar wasn't working everytime, fixed.
  • When adding a profile from Twitter there was an error, it's been fixed.

โŒ› What to expect next month?

We're working on a few new features currently, that should be live in September.

1. Grids: A feature that allows you to plan a grid with a drag and drop style editor. You can add captions, and times to each post and then bulk schedule to your calendar. You can even share a public link to get feedback or approval from your clients.

2. Google My Business: We're going to allow the ability to add more than 1 GMB location to each social group. Sometimes a business has 5 locations that all need to post the same thing, so this will be ideal in that scenario.
3. Bio Link: As the grids style is a relatively new feature, we're looking to improve it even further. If you have any feedback I'd love to hear it, so shoot me an email!

March 19, 2020 Today we launched on Producthunt!

Today we're excited to announce that we've launched on Produnthunt! provides Instagram statistics & insights to help startups, small brands and teams get an in-depth insight into their Instagram audience.

We launched in December last year, and have managed to grow by over 3500 users so far which we're amazed by but more importantly it's given us the feedback to help us improve our service, and add features that more of our users needed.

If you have a spare minute we'd love you to check it out!

March 17, 2020 Track Your Instagram Competitors!

Want to see your Instagram competitors statistics, posting habits & hashtag insights?

Well, now you can with our new Competitors feature!!

Add up to 3 accounts to compare with yours. See organic followers growth, likes, comments & engagement rates, see their post statistics and analyse their hashtags. You can even sort their posts by likes, comments or engagement rates to see which are their most popular!

So log in, give it a try and let us know if you like it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

March 9, 2020 Instagram Stories Feature!

We now track your Instagram stories so you can get a simple overview on how they're performing.

See reach, impressions, taps, exits replies & engagement rates. You can also track your story hashtag performance and even see your total story insights for the month, or any timeframe!

Try it out @

November 16, 2019 First 10 users! Yew!

After launching and reaching out to lots of brands & influencers we've got 10 users using our service now - which I'm pretty damn happy about!

Whilst reaching out to people we've also had some great feedback, and I've realized that our brand isactually targeted towards a different type of user that I thought to begin with.

Hopefully we can keep this momentum going!


November 13, 2019 Launched our new service!

Track & share your Instagram insights - Free!

1 .Track your Instagram insights
2. Create a shareable link (password optional)
3. Share with others

Say a influencer with good engagement (but maybe a lower following) is looking for some paid work, they can create their own shareable insights link to share with potential brands they're reaching out to - to prove they have great engagement and are worth working with.

We also have a "discovery" section that brands or people looking for accounts with good engagement could browse through. Anyone can add their account into the discovery section.

And it's free!


To help social media agencies & managers save time and cut down their scheduling costs.