September 6, 2019

5000 Email Subscribers

Harry Dry @harrydry

The Marketing Examples email list has hit the 5000 mark!

Prior to my Product Hunt launch 4% of first time visitors were joining the email list. The day before I launched on Product Hunt I spent some time optimising my site to collect emails. Now the site converts 12% of first time users.

Below I've summarised the improvements. Buckle up, cause it's a long one!

1. The more email boxes the better ...

My theory is: You only sign up to an email list if you can see an email box. No matter how good the article is.

There are 3 ways to join the ME email list:

  • From the nav bar (inspired by Notion)
  • At the end of every article
  • Wait 45s for popup

No matter where you are on my website you're only one click away from signing up!

2. Add social proof ...

Social proof is deemed a necessity for websites but for people trying to grow an email list it's often neglected! As social proof I added:

  • "Join [insert email list size] marketers ..." to my email modal
  • Two nice quotes at the bottom of every article
  • The current unsubscribe rate of < 0.4%

3. Ask people to subscribe ...

One of the best marketing articles I read this year was this one, by Baremetrics. I never subscribed to the email list. Why? Well, they never asked me to.

People need a subtle prompt. At the end of my articles I know add the line: "If you enjoyed reading please do join the email list below".

4. Value based messaging

Instead of saying, Sign up to my email list, I say: Get two new case studies every week.

People don't give up their email address for nothing. You actually have to explain the value you're bringing to the table.

5. Don't use the word subscribe ...

People do not like "subscribing" to stuff. I replaced "subscribe" with: "Stay updated". Here's a good resource for some alternative words to use.

6. And finally ...

Choosing to subscribe to an email list is a split second decision. It’s not something anyone thinks deeply about. This means that subtle phycological tweaks such as:

  • Social proof
  • Value based messaging
  • Nicely asking people to subscribe

really make a huge difference.

That's all folks! Thanks for reading!

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