Shipped: Weekly digests for your bookmarked tweets

One of the biggest issues (and complaints) with Twitter's bookmarking feature is that it's like a black-hole - you save tweets into it and never actually get back to looking at it again (with all the intention in the world to do so!).

So an early goal for Markfolder is to help you surface your saved tweets regularly so you don't forget about them.

This is as easy as just showing you what you've saved, once a week, by email.

And this is exactly what I shipped today!

Lots of technical lessons learned on how to encourage repeat use of your product. For example, if a user did not save anything in the last week, then what can we show them instead? For this, I chose to just surface one random bookmark of theirs, rather than saying "you didn't bookmark anything last week, sorry". Hopefully this will help pull them back into engaging with Markfolder.

But for those that have yet to bookmark anything, then it becomes a different story - how do we get them to save their first bookmark.

Need to think about this.

  1. 1

    NIce value prop really, "bookmark tweets" tells you basically everything you need to know about the product.

    1. 1

      Does what is says on the tin.

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