December 4, 2019

Mate 5 for iOS Anniversary Update

Alex Chernikov @alexcher

Today's Mate's two-year birthday. We couldn't come up with a better way to celebrate it as to release a largest-ever update of its iOS app. No kidding – the update includes more new features than the initial version two years ago.

We managed to make a unique-in-class Safari extension which lets you translate websites or just selected text on them just like on desktop. Safari extensions on iOS are so limited that you can't even debug them – it was hell of a task, and we are very proud we actually did it.

We added offline support for travelers. Now it's possible to translate 59 languages without the internet. It was the most-requested feature, by the way!

We redesigned the speech translator from the ground up. It works similarly to WhatsApp audio messages now – hold, speak, get a translation on the fly. Super simple and fast, designed with help of multiple field trips to Tuscany, Italy (where no one speaks a word English) by our designer Alex.

We added support for some useful stuff for language learners. Mate shows phonetic transcription and genders now. Everyone who has ever learned German, for instance, knows how freaking important genders are. If it's der, die, or das. Mate will tell you.

We localized the app to 12 new languages, including App Store screenshots, title, subtitles, and descriptions. We once did it with our Mac app, and it bumped up our revenue by 3 times. Well, there were other factors, too, but this one was the most important one. So, we really hope it will open up new translation-thirsty markets for us.

The last but not the least: we decided to put it on a promotion until December 8, so it's available at 50% off now!

As far as I know it's the only top-quality iOS translator app available at an entry-level price, without annoying subscriptions!

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