October 3, 2019

We got featured on the Mac App Store front page

Alex Chernikov @alexcher

Around two years ago, Apple rolled out App Store Stories. These are quick app overviews which live on the front page of both Mac and iOS app stores. Previously, front page was just a dry & boring list of apps noticed by Apple. Now, Apple prepares a unique copy & artwork for each feature.

I'm happy to share that we recently got such a story for our Mac app! First, it was published in the US Store around two weeks ago. Now, it's up worldwide!

It's not the first time I notice that Apple tests waters with features in one country at first and then, if apparently users show enough interest to the app there, they roll it out in other countries, too.

And, it's the first time for us we get noted with a story from Apple!

Here's the story: https://apps.apple.com/story/id1468215723?l=en

Sales peaked $1.5K yesterday. 100% more than usually!

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