February 18, 2020

The unspoken milestone, keep going!

Wes Burke @wesburke

Now that may sound a bit grim, but I feel it's something every project goes through, even stopping them in their tracks. The time-frame where you're filled with doubt, overwhelmed with challenges and the unknown on how this is all going to play out.

It's also where the most insight & confidence is gained, equipping you with knowledge and skills to come out stronger than ever. If you push through it. I feel it's a necessary part of the process, as much as the euphoric state at the project's beginning. Heh, and it repeats throughout the projects journey. 😅

Tim Brown's famous sketch outlines this in a visual way. https://designthinking.ideo.com/ . Hope > Insight > Confidence

Approaching our one year anniversary, has me reflecting how far Mavenseed has come from the first release. We're lucky to have the support of a handful of paying subscribers that are very active; finding bugs, requesting tools, and keeping us on our toes. A battle hardened team from @cg-cookie certainly helps. ❤️

We're here and settling in for a big year. 🦄 First round of updates included; subscription only products, ability to switch plans and more.

  • Wes
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