January 5, 2020

Pre-launch landing page for MavenX was a good idea


I launched landing page for MavenX.io while product is still in development.

Marketing Matters, period. I am not discounting the need of solving a genuine problem & creating a kickass product, but that's not enough. I used to believe that if you put a good product out there, users will flock. Sadly, that's not the case. It sounds like a trivial advice and everyone knows this fact. And yet many of us launch a product without a pre-launch marketing.

Learnt from my previous mistakes and created a pre-lauch landing page for MavenX. I am happy with the response I've got so far.

Do have a look at www.mavenx.io and register for early access

Hoping to see same traction when the product is launched in couple of weeks.


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