December 3, 2019

2,5K designers & published 1098 remote jobs!

Arsen Ibragimov @iamarsenibragimov

Over the past three weeks, the number of users of the Remote Jobs for Designers has increased more than 4 times and now they are 2,564 ๐ŸŽ‰

It's a great reward for me to be a part of this community.

Community members not only act as consumers, but also contribute: add vacancies, correct inaccuracies, share more detailed information.

Here are some interesting facts about users.
87% of the community members are actively looking for job, 10% are inactive and the remaining 3% are not looking for job at all. Those who are not associated with the design or who got access to the table simply out of curiosity unsubscribe.

The second big milestone ๐Ÿ† was that we broke the 1,000 posted jobs mark. The figure itself does not mean anything, but what lies behind it reveals one important thing โ€“ MEERKAD publishes more remote jobs than any other job board.
On average, the community and I collect 26 vacancies per day. While popular boards place 5-6 times less. And the services that send weekly newsletters with collections usually collect no more than 20 vacancies per week.

Despite the fact that the community has more than 2.5K users, we still exist as a spreadsheet โ€“, but I have already started beta-testing of the site. I will tell about the first results, functionality and other updates in the next milestone.

๐Ÿ… Next goals are:

  1. Acquire 5000 users;
  2. Still try to figure out how to earn money.
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