November 5, 2019

600 designers acquired in Google Sheets community

Arsen Ibragimov @iamarsenibragimov

That’s exactly this amount of permissions, that have been given over the week, to access and see our Google Spreadsheet-based community with remote jobs for designers.

This is the maximum amount of users that can get access in the Google Spreadsheets without using groups feature, which was a big surprise for me 😱 I have formed a new spreadsheet with group access on Google Suite. It's not free for me anymore but still FREE for every designer looking for a job.

Hiring designers remotely? Are you a designer who is looking for a remote job? Take a look 👉🏼

No website so far.
0 lines of code are written.
2 members in the team (Sergei and I).
600+ users acquired in a week.

🏅Next goals are:

  1. Acquire 1000 users;
  2. Try to figure out how to earn money;

Screenshots for the history:

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    Great progress! How did you acquire your first 600 users?

  2. 2

    This is just what I think.

    1. earn money by charging 1$ to each new subscriber.
    2. get a sponsor like a company that hires designers to pay you to add jobs to the google sheet.
    3. send a weekly design newsletter that would have an space for a weekly sponsor ad that's relevant to your subscribers.
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      Thanks for your feedback. Second point is what I want to do but don't know how it works. Any suggestions how to find sponsor? Who should I talk with in those company? What should I offer them for what price?

      1. 1

        I believe every company should have a marketing department or HR that would be interested in your product. some action:
        1- cold calling or emailing these companies departments.
        2- In smaller companies usually the Director of Creative on the UI/UX team has the power to pay you. so you can find that person Linkedin and email him/her.
        I think option two will be more effective but you will have to do your research. Like choose a list of companies. Then find a regular UI/UX employee and asked them you is their manager or find that person on Linkedin. Because of talent shortage they won't mind to sponsor you for a few hundred bucks. I'm just a Web Developer but this is how I think it's best to approach this given the UI/UX people I have work with.

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    Well done! How'd you market it to get the initial sign-ups?

    What are your next plans for it?

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      Thanks! What do you mean by "initial sign-ups"?

      🏅Next goals are:
      Acquire 1000 users;
      Try to figure out how to earn money;

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    Last links are the same

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    Great work! This is really useful!
    Maybe Biew could fit your use case, it uses Google Sheets to build websites with no code. I'm still working on it, but a site could be built with the resources you've gathered.

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    Great use-case for a sheet2site (or similar) website

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      I will give it a try and who knows what will happen :)

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    You should build out a website and then do SEO on the website to drive traffic.

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      It's too long term strategy for this stage

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    This comment was deleted 8 months ago.

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      We are trying different marketing channels actually but there is Google Sheet, not a website that's why there is no powerful analytics tool to understand which channel works better. Hackernews, Twitter and IH are best!