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Connect your Calendar, automate your reminders and follow up mails

October 27, 2020 First Blog post

While we are working on our first version of Minimum Viable Product we started interviewing quite a lot of people and researching a lot about the Meetings ecosystem.
Then it comes the day to share with you all some cool insights and it is also our official kick off of our "Content Marketing strategy", we would love to see more visitors hitting our webpage soon!
This first post is about the well-known #ZoomFatigue, we hope you can find this post interesting and that you share it with anybody who suffers #ZoomFatigue (i.e. all of your coworkers 🤪)

Let us know what you think 👇

October 14, 2020 On our way towards our MVP

In the past weeks we have been doing extensive research to define the pains and the needs in the niche of teams wasting a lot of time in useless meetings.
Our original idea of product has been evolving and taking shape so that possibly it can provide value even in its simpler release version.
At the beginning we wanted to start developing the part of the product that collects Feedback from Meetings participants, later on we considered putting our efforts in the Analytics section, but in the end our Minimum Viable Product will be centered in the functionality of setting up smart Automations related with meetings, from some simple reminder to follow up emails.

We shared our very first screenshot on Twitter and we are excited to get your feedback and your questions!

September 10, 2020 Twitter Growth hacking: got banned!

You launch your landing page, you are excited, you start growing a community of people interested in your new project. I guess that it's quite common to start a new Twitter account with 0 followers and you start doing some "growth hacking" to gain some traction... until... few days later you realize that you got shadowbanned ☹️

We hope we get the ban removed soon, it would be great if you follow our account so that Twitter knows that we are NOT a bot 🦙


September 7, 2020 Our web is now Live ... MVP coming soon!

I met @tibozaurus on Twitter and we decided that we wanted to make a product together as a side -project. After researching many possible interesting niches, we came up with the vision that we should FIX the many annoying Meetings that each of us struggle with every day.
We really started with few concepts:

  1. Meetings have been an issue for ages but the COVID situation made the problem even bigger, with an increasing number of hours spent on "useless meetings" ... or, so to say, meetings that need to be optimized!

  2. We realized that there are already other APPs trying to address the same issue, this somehow validate our idea, isn't it?
    If ZOOM made $4 billion in 3 months, that means that there must be a piece of cake also for in this growing industry of the Meeting Optimization.

  3. We are aware that some apps (Microsoft Teams, for example) already have some built in analytics to improve meetings, but we want to offer smarter analytics, easy to collect and to understand, plus we want to be a multi-platform solution to fix all your video-calls, no matter if it is on Google Meet, Teams, Zoom... or if it is even a Face-to-face meeting!

We already launched our website ( and we are currently very excited working on our MVP!

Last but not least: we promise we made all this without organizing any video-call between the two of us , because ... we believe in Less Annoying Meetings! 🤪🦙

Connect your Calendar, automate your reminders and follow up mails