January 2, 2020

Launched my note taking app on ProductHunt!

Burak Tokak @btk

I have been uploading my text based notes to Github one day, not to lose them, then the idea struck!

Memo App is a plain note taking app, that syncs your sheets with your own Github gists. 🎈

  • You can use it on browser, or download the desktop app.
  • Use it offline save your changes, push these changes later when you are online.
  • Get insights into every line; like write-good, image and link previews, conversions, calculations and more to come.
  • Drop down your text files to import or export your files in markdown with one click!
  • And it is open source!

What you shouldn't expect from Memo App? 🤷‍♂️

  • It is plain, really plain, no different font sizes, no italic, not even bold. It is not designed to be a rich editor.
  • Not targeted towards average user. You need to login with GitHub and you "push" your changes, or "pull" them like a version control system.
  • It is still in beta, so be aware of data loss (even though you can see your revisions) and basic bugs that might irritate you!

I have been using Memo App myself for the last month, and it is a great way to collect your thoughts, ideas. Write down important things you would like to visit later.

If you have the time to check it out, please leave a feedback here on indiehackers or producthunt!


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