October 27, 2019

I hired a product owner.

Dan Bocik @DanBocik

After speaking with a guy who is it 50 employees and 28 million in revenue he enlighten me about the position of a product owner. I found one with some good experience that I really got along with laid out with my objective and key results are. Looking back I spent too much time over 100 hours discussing all the background information of the past year and a half hoping that she would just take this and just launch my business into the stratosphere. It didn’t really happen.
I’m now regrouping with a plan of having one receptionist sitting in the middle of communication with all of the people who are getting things done for me. The good thing is I do not have the burden of having too much money and making stupid hiring decisions.

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    Hey Dan, do you still have the menu profit solution on your website? I tried to look it up but the page doesn't seem to exist https://www.danbocik.com/menu-profit-solution :/

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    Hi Dan, what is a summary of their day-to-days and key objectives when reporting to you?

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      Jake, the initial completion standard was to step into a sales meeting and sign clients up and have it work.

      The areas that were still incomplete more integration with stripe, chargebee and another third-party app.

      Wasted a lot of time discussing process and set up on jira

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    What do you think about sharing a story with your takeaways at hackernoon.com? I'm sure tech community will adore it. i'll be happy to know more about it

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      Yes. I'd Love to learn more about the site.

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        sure, it's a website where everyone can post a good story, tech story usually, but it's not limited to it. I'm posting all of my stories there. before I use Medium, but it gives me fewer views, so ...

        you can create an account and submit your story to review by editors

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