November 5, 2019

[NEW] Easily change the color of your Chatsilo tag

Jamiu Oloyede @jamiuoloyede


Just like I promised you in my last update here on indiehackers, I want to inform you that you can now change the color of your Chatsilo tags anyway you like.

The next milestone on the list is:

The extension would be detached so it floats on its own. That way you won't have to click on it and go back and forth.

Let say you are using Chatsilo and you check something on other tabs and you come back to messenger, it would be where you left it. You won't have to start from scratch again.

Let see if that is feasible or not and I will update you once it's completed.

That's it for now.

Want to use Chatsilo to follow up with your messenger leads and close more sales?

Click the link below to install the extension from Google Chrome store and don't forget to drop your feedback in the comment section:

Thank you.
Jamiu @ Chatsilo

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