September 7, 2019

open-sourced metaExplorer on github

Jonathan Schneider @jonathanshnyder

The decision to open source was a tough one, mostly because of misconceptions I had about open source and business.

  • Besides the service Model and the dual licensing Model there are other business models around open source

  • No-one sells software, people sell licenses, or the value it brings to customers. E.g. Amazon Web Services is not about selling linux/databases etc., but about convenience, the fear of downtimes, the wish to use high-tech without having to learn its bells and whistles in depth

  • frontend technology is easy to reverse engineer

  • I can now show progress in smaller steps, visually, and users can directly play with it. Don't have to sell a "black box"

  • I had profited greatly from open source myself, and wanted to even out karma ;-)

  • You don't actually "lose" anything by open sourcing

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