January 25, 2021

Launched Landing & Registration

Grant Moore @grantmoore3d

Outside of the core product, one thing I wanted to get right from day zero was the capturing of insights & information to properly product manage this service. I decided to spend considerable time making sure the landing and registration flow was flexible enough for my needs to pivot on copy and capture any interest.

  • Developed the backed in Go (TDD & DDD) to be robust
  • Developed the fronted in React using Semantic-UI
  • Prepared deployment pipelines on Heroku
  • Implemented account identity on Auth0
  • Captured form insights for easy PM on AirTable
  • Stored registration information in a Postgres DB
  • Preparing a public roadmap via ProductBoard's Portal beta
  • Offered a 15 minute meeting via Calendly for any registrants
  • Developed the landing page using Gatsby for React

At this point, I not only have a decent registration flow that can capture useful insights, I also have a workable tech foundation to continue developing the service.

Over the new little while, I'll be writing content for my landing page while "shopping it around" to gauge potential interest.

Today's Top Milestones
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