December 20, 2019

The first customer EVER!

Alexander Isora 🦄 @alexanderisora

Some exciting news from our projects' life.

First, and the most important, we got our first paying customer!


This was a super thrilling moment for the team because it is literally the first paid client ever for almost each team member.
A huge step forward in everybody's life as an indie hacker I must say! 😀

Guys got so excited and started running around giving amazing suggestions and ideas for the future of the project.
Being in the middle of this tornado is a special feeling. I felt that I really want to connect with energy and start helping. But I think it would be better if I stay aside and give the team more space to experiment. Time will tell.

One more important thing: we changed our project vision. Before it was more a side project for fun, now it is taken seriously by every team member. Yes, we pivoted our attitude to MetaSurvey.
As you may remember, the product was born during a 48 hours hackathon. Initially, 11 indie hackers were engaged, but now there are only 9 of us who continue working on the project. The team is aimed to create a sustainable business and learn about product development, customer support, marketing, biz dev, and other cool stuff.

Our current focus is to learn how to work together, to build the processes. We want to adopt the SCRUM methodology and keep going agile. I can definitely say it is going to be very challenging ✊

Stay tuned for the upcoming news and lessons from our team and the product!

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