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MetaSurvey started as a small project with a single objective: to let companies know why their customers churn. Eventually we created a platform, that helps to build a better product and improve customer retention.

March 14, 2021 First Pro + ($28) customer ever!

Finally — we have reforged our billing plans & pricing. We stick to 3 plans, found market fit, and... got a Pro+ ($28) customer!

We spend hours, looking through and analyzing dozens of competitors. From the Surveys / Polls builders to the Customer Feedback market. From cheap $19 solutions for startups to corporate $369 customer engagement platforms.

And we bumped into the main roadblock for SaaS...

As with any product with a SaaS pricing model — it is confusing to find a sustainable Price & Market fit. The problem stays the same. Motivating users to go Pro vs not losing those free customers and early adopters.

Eventually, we have found a pill!

Most survey builders & customer feedback services limit their Free packages like hell. Maybe, an enterprise solution can lose 200-500 free customers. But MetaSurvey won`t!

Some companies limit responses to 50 or even 15 /mo on Free pack, which is laughable!

We made a lavish Free plan. It gives almost all features of Pro, except advanced privacy and branding. We limited responses to 100 /mo — it covers most Free users needs. On top, we added 2 Pro plans: $8 and $28, which meet Private users and Small companies/startup needs.

Should we change/add more plans, or they are optimal now?


-3 Surveys, -15 Questions, -100 Responses /mo

PRO (Bot) $8 /month
-10 Surveys, -100 Questions, -1500 Responses /mo

PRO+ (Droid) $28 /month
-100 Surveys, -Unlimited Questions, -10 000 Responses /mo

Plans & pricing:
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March 1, 2021 MetaSurvey almost closed, but survived 2020

Heya`ll. It is my message to all Founders.

Time flies fast. 1 year have passed when in December 2019 when a team of 10 IndieHackers invented and launched a first MetaSurvey — a Tinder-style swipe survey. A small product to help young Founders & Makers reduce churn and grow.

Sadly, like most of startups, we encountered many obstacles and almost closed the project. Many times MetaSurvey was on the brink of extinction and to July 2020 only 2 of us left. But we survived

Now we are ready to present you MetaSurvey 2! Fully remastered, re-coded and re-designed. New Admin panel, Survey builder, Survey design, Core, and tonns of new under the hood!

Never quit your dreams and keep making.

Whats new in MetaSurvey 2.0:

  • Survey Builder 2
  • Power Analytics
  • 7 New Question types
  • Templates
  • Skip logic
  • Redo logic
  • Redirect to URL
  • Data Export (CSV) `Beta
  • Custom branding `Beta
  • Custom goodbye
  • Help tooltips
  • Mobile adapted

Upcoming features:

  • On-screen Timer
  • CRM iIntergation
  • Survey rewards
  • Mobile App integration
  • Games integration

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May 16, 2020 First 5 paying (Pro) customers!

At last — some of our MAU users began to recognize the value of our goodbye surveys for their apps & services! We now go up with 5(!) paying users using «Pro» subscription.

More grown companies appear to start creating churn and cust dev surveys with MetaSurvey!

Landscape Architects — have a 30-years heritage in the Design and Architect market, USA. SUP — a worldwide surfers magazine that holds sports events worldwide. We also attained popularity between Chrome extensions: PerfectPixel by @abelozerov & PocketTube by Chris Messina are between our Top MAU users.

We even got our first Porn quiz created with MetaSurvey!

But we have battled an unusual problem: Our paying customers are not using «Pro» features at all!

ATM, we have 1 survey limit for «Free» customers and unlimited surveys for «Pro». Although there is no limit on answers, comments gathered, or number of questions within a single survey. Most of our paying users collect thousands of comments and answers within 1 single survey.

We asked ourselves, whether we are using a correct subscription packages stack and pricing policy? Currently we have «Free» and «$8 Pro» plans?

Here is our pricing:

Advise us in comments, if your Paying customers are not using Pro functions!

December 20, 2019 The first customer EVER!

Some exciting news from our projects' life.

First, and the most important, we got our first paying customer!


This was a super thrilling moment for the team because it is literally the first paid client ever for almost each team member.
A huge step forward in everybody's life as an indie hacker I must say! 😀

Guys got so excited and started running around giving amazing suggestions and ideas for the future of the project.
Being in the middle of this tornado is a special feeling. I felt that I really want to connect with energy and start helping. But I think it would be better if I stay aside and give the team more space to experiment. Time will tell.

One more important thing: we changed our project vision. Before it was more a side project for fun, now it is taken seriously by every team member. Yes, we pivoted our attitude to MetaSurvey.
As you may remember, the product was born during a 48 hours hackathon. Initially, 11 indie hackers were engaged, but now there are only 9 of us who continue working on the project. The team is aimed to create a sustainable business and learn about product development, customer support, marketing, biz dev, and other cool stuff.

Our current focus is to learn how to work together, to build the processes. We want to adopt the SCRUM methodology and keep going agile. I can definitely say it is going to be very challenging ✊

Stay tuned for the upcoming news and lessons from our team and the product!

December 15, 2019 11 (!) indie hackers launched a product

We did it! Our brave team of 11 coders, marketers and designers has officially launched our survey generator on Product Hunt.

So meet MetaSurvey. With our product, you can build a Tinder-style survey.

The guys are super excited because for the majority of us it is a first product launch ever.
You can read their thoughts in the Product Hunt comments section.

December 2, 2019 The product is ready!

What does it take to create a solid MVP? A dozen of Indie Hackers and 1 month of time 😎

A month ago 11 Saint Petersburg, Russia based Indie Hackers gathered together to create a product within 48 hours.

We were building MetaSuvey - the Tinder-style survey service.

Our team of 6 coders, 2 designers, and 3 marketeers worked really hard to ship the product in time.
But 48 hours was not enough. The MVP was too raw.

In particular, the dashboard on the survey generator was executed poorly. We underestimated the importance of UI/UX. As a result, or user dashboard was not understandable at all and therefore the product was not usable.

But that was not an end!
During the last month, we worked at nights after our day jobs to polish MetaSurvey and fix critical UI/UX weaknesses.

And today we are proudly presenting you the finished version of the tool!

We are eager to hear your feedback and improve the service even more.

😁 Welcome!

October 26, 2019 How the idea was born

Picking an idea that is loved by everyone is a challenge.

We have gathered 2 months ago. By using a special algorithm we filtered over 40 ideas and picked one. The winning idea is the goodbye survey service.
It is a simple tool that lets you survey users who have canceled their subscriptions or stopped to use your tool. By asking them why they exited you can improve your service and decrease the churn rate. A must-have for any SaaS or subscription-based mobile app.

The tricky part here is to convince users to pass the survey.
No one likes surveys. Especially the ones who just dropped your product.

That is why we have a secret sauce which will significantly improve the answer rate.

October 26, 2019 Building a Product Together in 48 Hours

Hey ya'll!

This is the IndieHackers SPb community. We are a bunch of creative fellows from Russia who promote the IndieHackers movement here.

Usually, we simply meet up each month and discuss startup-related things. But this weekend we are having a special event.

We are building a real product altogether. We have a powerful team of 10 IndieHackers which is:

Within 48 hours our indie crew wants to create a real working product. We already have chosen an idea and performed a lot of preparation. During the next 2 days, there will be no talks, only hardcore building.

Project website:
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MetaSurvey started as a small project with a single objective: to let companies know why their customers churn. Eventually we created a platform, that helps to build a better product and improve customer retention.