October 22, 2019

First in-person demo!

Sandeep Patil @pinto

During initial research, it was very clear that lots of people (~5K Searches/month across India) for the attendance solution. I had observed that current solutions were offline, tedious and not real time. There were so many times when I wanted to speak to people and see if these are really 'the problems' and would they be willing to spend to fix these. Also when you think of a long term, you want to assess what else are the challenges and opportunities. When we launched, I started to speak to subscribers over phone about the solution. The conversations were brief and to the point. I was not getting to know the people behind these business to know all of the above. We soon started doing demos and was quite surprised how quickly people understood the solution. Not a single demo out of 10 , lasted for more than 15 mins. Although I had 15 more mins, didn't feel right holding on the conversation, especially when they were sold on the solution. That is when I started wishing for more local leads so that I could do in-person demos. It happened today.

The demo went very well and we might soon have our first 140 user account. The more exciting part was the conversation after it. Learnt so much from it. Some of the features we were thinking were definitely validated. Some new ones to evaluate. However the biggest learning was hardware lead SaaS solutions are just getting started and there is long way to go. . .

In person demos also feel so much more human. Looking forward to do more of these!

Not too sure if this too long an update :)

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