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Helping to create the next generation of PHP and JAMStack developers.

April 14, 2020 Blog post approved on Laravel News

Last month I created a blog post on zero downtime deployments with Laravel Deployer and GitHub actions. I managed to get a handful of readers by posting it to Hacker News, but it was still rather quiet.

I decided to try and post it onto Laravel News which is a huge community for the Laravel framework. It got approved at the beginning of this month and has been posted to their website, email blast and social media channels.

Overall, they've sent me almost 1,000 new readers and I've had 2 new email subscribers (I'm still learning how to capture more emails). Hopefully, in the future, I can convert them to paid members once I've started creating premium Laravel content.

In the process of getting these new readers, I've tried finding ways to get readers to signup to my blog, and I've also added comments on my posts using Telegram's commenting platform. Hopefully these new features will grab more reader's attention and get me up in the searches for more potential readers.

November 13, 2019 Accepted as a CodeFund publisher

CodeFund is an ethical advertising platform which doesn't track users and doesn't use cookies. They target programmers and developers so all ads are very well suited for my website and content.

The ads are on my blog page and the posts and they ask that they're placed above the fold since they pay based on impressions and they wouldn't want to waste advertiser's money.

It seems like a fantastic platform and Dustin seems like a great guy. I hope to support him more in the future and if you guys are interested in learning more, you can click through this link.


November 1, 2019 Contract with the UoE has been extended

The University of Exeter has seen been so impressed with my work, they decided to extend my contract for another month to work on bits and bobs. When the month ends, they will look into putting me onto another project and begin another cycle of contracting for 3 - 6 months.

August 19, 2019 Created blog.michaelbrooks.dev

I created the blog for Michael Brooks Developments LTD and will be using it as a platform for share development tutorials and content in the hopes to help more people.

The blog is created with Ghost and is hosted on their "Pro" hosting solution. I chose Ghost because it seemed like a better blogging platform then WordPress and focuses on just blogging. I could have also used Medium, but I think they're a losing company.

Ghost is fast, simple and flexible. It's the perfect blogging solution for anyone.


May 2, 2019 Registered Michael Brooks Developments LTD

I used My Company Warehouse to officially register as a Limited Company.

It all started when I got made redundant from my previous employment and I wanted to move into the contracting world. You see, this was the third time I had been made redundant and I've always wanted to move into the freelance/contracting world, but have always been too scared to make the jump.

It finally happened and my first contracting client was the University of Exeter, a big uni in Devon, UK and if I could show them how hard I worked, it would mean more potential work from them and it would also impress future clients.


Helping to create the next generation of PHP and JAMStack developers.