November 26, 2019

Launch on Indie Hackers

Arne Govaerts @argovaerts

Soooo, here we are. Today, 26th November, I lauched Millikanban on Indie Hackers. Happy to answer all your positive and less positive questions.

I am not to big of a fan of donations, so I set up an extra subscription service just for sync.


  1. 2

    Congrats on launching! It works well. Something I would maybe use as a to-do list for quick tasks, but I couldn't ever see myself paying for the sync when there are free alternatives.

    If I am being completely honest it does look a bit like a side-project that someone would create when learning to code. And I do say this as an honest impression, not to be harsh, trying to look at it objectively as if I was a potential user. I think it might be the image in the background? If this was just a nice colour or maybe even a gradient I think it would be more appealing to me.

    Perhaps reducing the box sizes and having a logo in the top left could maybe help too.

    For me personally, I wouldn't be concerned with if the servers are based in the EU/US.

    Also, there's a typo 'savely', instead of 'safely', in the FAQ.

    Good luck!

    1. 1

      Good feedback, Jeky! Thanks for that.
      I updated the page. What do you think? I suppose that you will not be a paying customer but, if it would be free, would you be a regular user?

      1. 1

        Glad you took the feedback well 👍 it certainly was meant positively.

        Yeah I like the gradient, looks more professional and less distracting.

        Sure, I’ll bookmark it and use it when I need to prioritise some tasks 👍

  2. 1

    I like the simplicity of this.
    A few simple pointers;

    1. Once the new card is added, it would be great if the new textbox gets focus.
    2. Remove should have the dustbin emoji rather than the knife. Or how about simply putting an X at top right. That is something very minimal and straight.
    3. The fact that the cards can be dragged into another list is not intuitive unless some knows about other kanban boards. May be a move icon over some dummy move button may help.
      It's well made. I am not a paying customer though.
  3. 1

    I just checked your product. Looks clean and fancy.

    But why should I prefer this over other many alternatives?

    1. 2

      Because it looks clean and fancy? 😃
      On a more serious note, the most important extra over alternatives is the location. All servers used are inside the EU, and none are controlled by US companies. Personally this a huge plus.

      1. 1

        I absolutely agree that your app looks much more clean and fancy :)

        you just need to make sure, there are enough people out there that use this is a top priority parameter. Why I am saying this, is because I am facing a similar issue;

        My project has a nice, clean and fancy landing page. It attracts people. They even sign up! but they do not understand exactly what the product does and also, landing page being clean and fancy does not help them to be consistent users :) Yet!

        For the location of servers, same thing as above. Is this a common concern?

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    Great job and launching!!
    Small feedback. After I create a pin(?) when I click on the tab to write it's a bit off. I need to click exactly at the top and if I click on the middle or bottom section of the card, it doesn't allow me to type. I expect to type my ticket as long as I click inside the card.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Is it better now? Which browser are you working with?

      1. 1

        still the same. Using chrome

        1. 1

          Should be fixed now?

  5. 1

    That's pretty neat! Love a good Kanban actually. Your design is very neat but I found it tricky to get it to let me type into the purple box. But hey, easy fix. Congrats on launching.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback!
      Is it better now? Which browser are you working with?

      1. 2

        This happened to be in Chrome.

  6. 1

    Whoa, getting a board immediately on the homepage is kind of awesome! Is there a way to have multiple boards?

    Sadly I need a lot of features like multiple users, sharing, attachments, etc., so this isn't for me. Love the homepage though.

    Tiny bit of feedback: considering that the FAQ is the only way to learn more, having to click on each question feels like a bit of a hassle.

    Congrats on launching!

    1. 1

      Thank you for your reply.

      Multiple board is not really supported at the moment (there is a hacky workaround possible though). I am working on it.

      It is possible to share boards in the paid version as the board gets a unique id. Beaware that everyone with the link and a subscription key can edit the shared board.

      You are right about the FAQ. I will change that one.

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