September 16, 2019

Launched on Product Hunt!

Joan @nyeu

After some weeks of hard work, my partner and me have finally launched our new project: Mindful Affirmations app!

It all started when moving to Barcelona - while I was enjoying the sunshine and the sea, I started feeling very overwhelmed by launching my new career as a freelancer, dealing with language barriers daily, the loneliness of being new in a city - all at once!

Having nearly faced a burn-out in my previous role in London didn’t help, and I eventually decided to seek professional help.

While going to therapy, I was introduced to affirmations as a tool to increase my self esteem, and start thinking more positively again. That’s when the idea was born.

Mindful Affirmations is an iOS app that lets you listen to a series of affirmations, in order to help you increase positivity/productivity/self esteem, and decrease negative thought patterns. It’s a proven technique commonly used in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - the idea of the app is basically that you will be able to listen to your affirmations in the background while doing daily, otherwise mundane, tasks such as commuting to work, brushing your teeth, or doing laundry. No need to set specific time aside, and no effort needed - the important thing is to create a daily habit, which we all know is easier when attached to another daily habit.

You can check the Product Hunt post and share your feedback here or there, I will really appreciate your thoughts on it.

Thank you!

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