August 14, 2019

Mindful Goals is ready for Open Beta

Terry Xu @txu

I quit my full-time job as Tech Lead of Growth at a Boston startup exactly 2 months ago. While working at startups is fun and great for learning, I have decided to make the jump to pursue what's truly meaningful to me - building an app that delights.

I am inspired by Time every day. It's the source of both of our happiness and stresses. To build an app that helps people manage the passing of time, not just letting it slip, is the most value creation I can think of. My goal is to reach 1 million users and help each of them save 1 hour a year, working on what they truly love instead of feeling lonely in self-doubt.

It's a daunting task, but it accelerates my blood. After working on it for 60 days, 15 days of user interviews followed by 45 days of development, I'd like to say that Mindful Goals is ready for Open Beta. Please head to the website, enter your email and you will receive links to beta builds for iOS and Android.

The reason your email is needed because I'd like to give all beta testers who have given me feedback 1 year of free access to all premium features as I add them. I literally could not get to where I am now without the help from a lot of people here, so I'd like to show my appreciation!

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