August 14, 2019

The seed of the idea

Terry Xu @txu

I went back to school in September of 2007, after a full year of internship at IBM working on Web 2.0 projects, I felt I need to take school work more seriously.

I took out a sheet of paper, drew a grid on it. On the left most column, I wrote down all the assignments and books to read for the semester. Then, I estimated how much time each would take to finish, and wrote them down on the second column.

As the semester goes, I updated the time spent on each item, and adjusted the time estimates to account for the works remain. The end result? I did not miss any assignments or exams, and got a 3.5/4.0 GPA for my 4 CS courses. I've since hoped that a system or an app that can help me manage mid-to-long term goals to exist.

Over the years, many apps have appeared then gone - Sunrise calendar, Wunderlist, Evernote, and Anydo etc.

Fast forward to 12 years later, I am still in search of an app that does what I did. So I decided to take it on early this year.

It's not a bad thing that I waited for 12 years to start working on this idea. I now have a time management philosophy that works wonders for me, so I know what truly matters in a time management system that actually work. So I'd like to create a suite of apps that can replace my current tools, but still maintain the same philosophy, and through this process, open the opportunity to help more people with their ambitions and journeys.