December 29, 2019

Came up with the idea

Mark Smillie @mfsmillie

My wife has been saving recipes for decades. They are mainly torn pages pulled from magazines and books with an occasional index card with a hand written recipe stained with ingredients from her dutiful, delicious service to our family. They are stashed into a bunch of folders with categorizations like Breakfast, Dinners, and Deserts. Secondary categories are things like “Yum” or “Add more curry” written on the page. When she wants to cook something she’ll pull the whole folder out and literally leaf through the hundred or so pages looking for the one she wants.

A while back she had the idea to make a recipe app. When I heard this I kind of chuckled; since back in 1994, when the internet was coming to be, one of the first applications people always talked about was how cool it would be to be able to store recipes and easily access them.

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