December 29, 2019

Launched MINE

Mark Smillie @mfsmillie

Your Personal Recipes in a New Digital Box. Pure Magic.
Though the forecast for the Thanksgiving holiday might look a bit grim, there’s one tasty treat for the more than 55 million travelers expected to hit the roads and the skies. It’s a new personal recipe organizer app called MINE Recipes.

Any recipe application worth it’s weight in truffle oil will offer a simple design, mouth-watering pictures of food, an optional social component and an easy-to-navigate recipe manager. That’s exactly what MINE delivers.

MINE is a modern twist on the classic recipe box, providing a quick and easy way to save, organize and access YOUR personal recipe collection using any iOS device. So ditch the 3-ring binder, the stacks of recipe cards, and the piles of flagged and tagged cookbooks and bring MINE on the road with you this holiday season.

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