December 28, 2019

Won awards from MakerDAO, NuCypher and Ethereum

Alex Conway @alxcnwy

We won awards from MakerDAO, NuCypher and The Ethereum Foundation at the ETHGlobal hackathon in Cape Town, South Africa in April 2019.

It was judged by:
Vitalik Buterin — Ethereum
Anastasia Andrianova —
Griff Green —
Devon Krantz — Linum Labs
Simon de la Rouviere — Ujo
Sean Brennan — MakerDAO
Andy Tudhope — Status
Gustav Arentoft — MakerDAO
Justin Myles Holmes — NuCypher
Michael Kisselgof — IKU
Paul Kohlhaas — Linum Labs/ Molecule
George Spasov — Lime Chain
Yoav Weiss — TabooKey
Richard Moore — Ethers.js

here is a link to a write-up:

You can see a photo of me on the page :)

This is in collaboration with our other project

We essentially split into supply and demand. This project is the demand, is the supply. The unit is human intelligence.

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